Why do I need to submit new transcripts during certification, and how do I submit them?

Documentation initially submitted during the employment process may not have included all the necessary coursework and/or degree conferral information required to process your application for certification. In addition, you may have submitted an unofficial transcript instead of an official transcript. Your certificate cannot be processed until the official transcripts are received.

NOTE: Your Credentialing Specialist will not request official transcripts unless they are not currently on file and they are needed to process your application for certification. 


Official transcripts must be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • Ordered from Parchment to be sent directly to TEACH; or
  • Electronically sent to employeecredentialing@hcpss.org (or directly to your assigned Credentialing Specialist) directly from an alternative e-transcript service; or
  • Unopened, sealed hard copy received to you by mail from the institution of higher education and then sent to your assigned Credentialing Specialist in the original sealed envelope.