What measures have been taken to assure the health and safety of school facilities?

Note: This help topic is out of date and currently archived.

The following operational modifications will be in effect when schools reopen in March 2021:

  • Operation of HVAC systems from two hours before occupancy to two hours after occupancy. (Under normal circumstances, HVAC systems operate from one hour before, to one hour after occupancy)
  • Bypassing energy recovery ventilation systems, except in extreme summer and winter weather conditions
  • Disabling demand-controlled ventilation
  • Plexiglas is being installed in public-facing areas, and signage is being installed throughout all HCPSS facilities.
  • Large sheets and stands are already in place in administration areas and cafeterias. The placement of larger sheets is being expanded in certain areas.
  • In-school preparations to support social distancing and other health and safety guidelines include: 
  • Layout plans for social distancing of desks have been drafted for all classrooms and all schools, with final details nearing completion in collaboration with school administrators
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed in all high-traffic areas, including cafetoriums, gymnasiums, administration areas and front entrances, etc. 
  • Supplies such as disinfecting wipes will be placed in each classroom
  • Custodial cleaning protocols are in place, and are being updated as spring model planning is finalized
  • A supply of disposable masks will be provided to each school for use by any students who are unable to supply their own face coverings. 

Every school will undergo a walk-through inspection prior to March 1, 2021, which includes a School Readiness Checklist that is posted online.  

The School Readiness Checklist includes:

  • PPE for students and staff (masks, face shields, gloves etc. as applicable)
  • Cleaning (daily cleaning procedures and supplies, and hand sanitizer stations and supplies)
  • HVAC enhancements 
  • Health room and isolation room supplies and procedures 
  • Socially-distanced space arrangements (classrooms, eating areas and staff spaces)
  • Signage for social distancing and health/safety practices (bathrooms, entrances, hallways, classrooms, cafeterias)
  • Physical barriers in place (plexiglas, tape etc. where applicable)

Additional information is provided online about HVAC system preparations and social distancing measures.