What should I do when my baby is born?

Contact the Leave and Retirement Office with your newborn’s date of birth and submit a copy
of the verification of birth document.

Leave and Retirement Specialists handle cases by employee’s last names, as follows:

A-G Jennifer ‘Lisa’ Watkins 410.313.1501 or Jennifer_Watkins@hcpss.org
H-O Fatima Sye 410.313.6695 or Fatima_Sye@hcpss.org
P-Z Gale Gibbs 410.313.1508 or Gale_Gibbs@hcpss.org

Email documents to HRLeaveofAbsence@hcpss.org or Fax documents to 410.680.3427.

To add your newborn to your health insurance, send verification of birth and a completed Benefits Change Form to the Benefits Office within 30 days of your child’s birth.

The Benefits Office can be contacted at 410.313.7333 or Benefits@hcpss.org.